Striking Structure
Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Marqueterie Celeste is mysterious. Comet-like profile tells how the universe is infinite. Carefully looking at its appearance and then open its case, an amazing picture is presented before you. Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Marqueterie Celeste is critical about the appearance. Open the wooden case, you could see the amaing inner mechanical structure. The golden pyramid structure builds a perfect sculpture. The whole structure reflects Jaeger-LeCoultre’s great imagination, and the ebbs and flow of the surface challenge our imagination, reminding us of the smart gems or crystal. All those gorgeous features will be a grand visual feast presenting before you. The green stone is treasured as precious stuff. Day after day, and the moon will appears to be full, which is quite amazing accomplishment. Whet-straw was once applied to the ocean linear, such as Normandie. This traditional skills require designers great patient, and tons of knowledge about this new material, as any slight mistake will damage this material.

wheat-straw leads
wheat-straw is the first time that are applied to this Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Marqueterie Celeste. Wheat-straw is a fascinating traditional skills, and it surged up in 17th century, and reached its peak in 18th century. Later, this skills faded away for a long time, and until the famous decoration skill brought it to life. They applied this old skills to the wall and house decorating, and some even applied it to the

Deep blue represents the infinite universe and in this celestial it adopts the same color. The wheat-straw builds a dimensional effect, and bestows it with a soft but energetic shines. This mono-color work is subtle, and its color may changes with the changing of light days. For those who are addicted to inserting skills, this is a great pleasure. Atmos Marqueterie Celeste moon phase may keeps precise in about 3861 years, which is stunning.