Best Replica Watches UK-A Brief Intro to Piaget Emperador

Piaget makes a legend. The Emperador series was based upon the majesty patterns and then Emperador series was born. Today, we bring a Piaget Emperador in our post and the official number is G0A36542.
Miniature enameling is not only a pure technology, it is also an art. Its final result is an unusual art. The work that is made with Miniature enameling is the best evidence that could speak up for creators’ skills. Miniature enameling is a strict art that requires tons of patience and dedications and would naturally appeal those who really love it. Enamelling masters only use two glazes: the black glaze is set as the background while the white glaze is used to make the dragon. The white enamel is close to crystal and in order to show the color, it has to be rub enamel on it again and again. Always do the best. That’s what Piaget sticks to and in this Emperador is the best explanation for Piaget’s such pursue on perfection and go beyond the limit.

Emperador is also fitted with a white alligator-made belt and the buckle is made of 18 k rose gold. What’s more, you will see a typical logo on it. An exquisite phoenix patterns are branded with enameling skills. It is said that the beautiful phoenix has the most gorgeous feather that were given by other birds. Phoenix was an ordinary bird and picked rice that is ignored by other birds. When the hungry threatened the whole forest, she shared all he food selfless with other birds, no matter how those receivers laughed at her feather. To repay the phoenix, every bird gives her a most charming and colorful feather to make the peerless appearance that could match its virtue. Thus, Phoenix symbols the mercies, wit, honesty and etiquette.