Cartier advanced series consists of 50 watches with 20 different type of movements, which presents its long history and inherit in the watch industry, these series have different appearances and types fitted with a variety of movements. That would totally reflect Cartier’s innovation. The new series do not only contain the traditional complication functions, they also have Cartier’s particular design, including the Double Tourbillon Mysterieux and Santos-Dumont skeleton watch.

Rotonde de Cartier Double Tourbillon Myst¨¦rieux
Since the first mysterious watch was created by Cartier in 1912, it never stops such kind of mysterious chronometer, driven by the innovation spirit. Just like the clock, connecting components (such as hands or tourbillon) and the inner mechanism are hidden and special floating and crystal effects are showed to us, which is a great leap.

Tourbillon at 12 o’clock gives us a vivid visual effects. Floating tourbillon was redesigned under the original design and improved. The traditional tourbillon are place between movement protection bridge and plate but here we see a stunning tourbillon. A framework without protection ridge is fixed in a plate and C-shape tourbillon frame can perform as a small clock. It took five years to develop this movement and took one month for a master to assemble 447 movement compoennts into the case.

Santos-Dumont skeleton watch
Hollow-out movement is processed with hollow-out and carving techniques, which make everything inside the watch visible to us. Among these watches, Cartier extends the hollow-out techniques by designing the protection bridge, the support of movements, as indexes. The hollow-out protection bridge not only gives us a unique sense of beauty, it has its practical purpose, that is indicating the time.

Through the light hollow-out movement, Cartier presents us a movement that carry a complex structure. In fact, watch-makers have to keep less materials in the watch while maintaining its structures and supporting the movement.