The tourbillon is originally used to overcome the gravity effect on the clock movement, the inventor is the tabulation pioneer breguet, its principle is to put escapement structure within a framework (Carriage), to make the framework around the axis, which also the axis of the balance wheel do 360 degrees of rotation, and by continuous rotation to offset gravity, thus improve the precision of the watches running time. But is it real that rolex and the tourbillon cannot be together?

According to the current watchmaking concept that the rolex held(utility), it is hard to see in the short term rolex will produce the tourbillon watch, but if some day even rolex is quietly launching the tourbillon watch, that also must be a sensational news, because for the people who are familiar with the wrist watch industry, or familiar with rolex it is unprecedented. But we, after all, are not rolex and the watchmaking industry situation is changing, and rolex once launched the quartz movement man watches in the last century when it was also the most difficult for the watch industry and in terms of the understanding of rolex today, it is unimaginable. So, although we respect the persistence and perseverance of Rolex, also won’t understand rolex better than the rolex itself, what will Rolex do in the future, we have to just wait.

Overall, there are a lot of evaluation standard for the watchmaking industry, and there are brands that have to do a good job on the basic function, like rolex. Also have some watches brand who do well on the complex function, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre. In fact, no matter what to focus on, and what they can make a characteristic, make pattern, is the most important thing, in the watch industry, Rolex won’t never let you down in terms of practicability.