Assassins Creed 3 Connor Cosplay Costume Deluxe

Assassins Creed 3 Connor Cosplay Costume Deluxe

In the video game Assassins Creed 3, Connor is a natural hunter and also tracker, silent and dangerous, like a sharp Indian Tomahawk. He is a feeling of justice, deliberate, and also he is great at managing things in such a way that alters the globe in his very own method, which additionally makes him gather a wide range of experience when driving to becoming an assassin step by step.

In the game gamers can experience a different life, yet in real life you can additionally experience different dresses, so you are additionally Connor in Assassins Creed 3.


The top is generally white-based t shirts, plus a row of switches, a little attractive, and the fabric is made from pure cotton, comfortable and also breathable, basic as well as stylish Valorant Costume


The information of the jacket are well received, as well as in lots of details the like the characters in the video game. Both sides of the sleeve have fabricated needlework patterns, which play a specific role in the decor. And also the hem of the coat is very long, strolling along the roadway to bring the wind, which additionally mirrors the protagonist Connor’s choice in the video game. Ideal for matching with the top.

Pants and also Leg guards uff1a.

The combination of dark blue pants and also brownish tights looks wonderful and does not look awkward or difficult Cosplay Costumes Plus Size The design of the leggings is very innovative, very trendy and also the treatment of the leg side is also very good. Let everybody that takes a look at it not move their eyes.

Bracers uff1a.

Bracers have left bracer as well as ideal bracer, but the shade is not the exact same, the dark brownish on the left bracer as well as the white on the best bracer. In Connor in the game, the wristband is the most effective way to determine him. If you intend to have something similar to this, you can.

Various other decors:.

The hat can be glued to the coat and also can be removed if it is not practical.

The shoulder straps and also quiver are linked with each other. Bring these points appears to make you feel like you are back in the game of Assassins Creed 3, Connor strolling in reality.

Arm bandages as well as legging plasters, these things have played a specific function in shaping the personality photo, as well as will certainly make you play the completing touch. It looks extremely qualified and not troublesome.

Overall, this total collection of Assassins Creed 3 Connor’s Cosplay Costume is really excellent, if you wish to be Connor, after that come as well as have this attire. And if you wish to play other roles, there are other cosplay outfits in our store that are assured to fulfill the needs of our clients