PUBG Costume Guide

PUBG Cosplay Guide

PUBG is a shooting game that’s tactical in nature. Sandbox game, was invented by Blue Hole. The game is a tactical and competitive shooting sandbox game. PUBG announced on August 9th that it was going to launch “100-day actions” and conduct an examination campaign over the course of a months to ensure that players experience more enjoyable gaming High Quality Cosplay Costumes There are more than 2 million accounts. The game was then frozen. The game was released on the PS4 on the 7th of December 2018.


If there’s no role available on the server, players can only have one character. The character creation toolbar is shown by default. It lets players input the name and the appearance they would like for their character Green Arrow Cosplay

The character is customizable by the player, allowing them to choose different hairstyles, genders, and even costumes. There are nine varieties of hairstyles and genders, as well as six different hair color options. No matter what kind of characters the player makes the characteristics are identical, and the characters cannot be upgraded or modified. The look and feel of the character can be reset by spending some in-game currency.


This cosplay costume has two belts that are separate, plenty of loops to strap items, and a pouch that is attached. You can airbrush it to grunge it up and give it more realism.That isn’t just practical but also incredibly cool.

It is very comfortable. It is definitely worth the money. You’ll feel more comfortable using the rubber knuckles.

Then is the helmet,it is best thing iv bought for cosplaying!Strengthened the effect of cospaly.And the hip bag is excellent as a your side kick fishing bag!You have both hands free, but needed lures and gear are just a reach away.

The cool design of the shirts and trousers. The clothing is also of top quality. The costumes and equipment look exactly like the characters in PUBG.So I would highly recommend this website to you,it is known as QualityCosplay and

PUBG PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Cosplay Costume Coat Shirt Pants Scarf Gloves Set

If the role is not available, the user can only choose one character. In default, the character creation screen appears and guides the player to create the name and appearance of their character.

You can change the gender, hairstyle, or even the attire of your character. There are nine types of genders and hairstyles, along with six different hair shades. No matter what kind of characters a player can create their attributes remain the same, and the characters can’t be upgraded or modified. You can change the appearance and feel by spending in-game currency.


It’s a cospaly outfit that’s so special!

The quality is also excellent It’s made from Jean, Composite Leather and Satin. It is extremely soft and very textured. It’s extremely comfortable and is the perfect size.

Other buyers have also offered high praises. Excellent customer service.

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The PUBG PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND Set includes a Skirt, Jacket and Shirt Set

If there’s no role on the server, players can only play one character. The character creation toolbar is shown by default. The panel allows players to input the name and the appearance they wish to use for their character.

You can alter your gender, hairstyle, or even the costume of your character. There are nine different genders and hairstyles, along with six different hair colors. Whatever character is created by the player, the attributes remain the same. The character cannot be upgraded or changed. You can reset the look and feel, by spending in-game money.


This costume is fantastic.

The best thing about it is the fact that it’s well sewn and doesn’t need to be reinforced. The price isn’t too expensive, and it’s excellent quality for a low cost.

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