Review of Alita: Battle Angel cosplay costumes

Review of Alita: Battle Angel costume cosplay

“Alita Battle Angel”, is a sci-fi action film produced by 20th Century Fox Film Company It stars Jennifer Connelly and is directed by Robert Rodriguez. Rosa Salazar, Christopher Waltz. Maha Ali, Christopher Waltz, Christopher Waltz and Christopher Waltz also helmed the film. The film premiered in the United States and China on February 14, 2019, in addition to being released in China on February 22, 2019 Star Wars Cosplay Costumes “Alita: Battle Angel” is an adaptation of the novel “The Nightmare” by Japanese cartoonist Mucheng Shihu. The film’s story is set in the period of the 26th century in Japan. It tells the tale of a girl in a mechanical body that is at the bottom of the world and is blessed to be born again. Then, embark on the search for the truth.

Alita: Battle Angel cosplay costume

Alita was a broken body. The body was transformed by Dr My Dress-Up Darling Cosplay Costume Yide and reborn under the name “Alita”. However she lost all of her memories from the past. After the fights, again and again, the newly born Arita slowly became aware of the familiar, but unexplored world and began to explore his own life.


Alita is popularly known as the Battle Angel. Alita is referred to as the Battle Angel. The character is also adored by girls who wear costumes.

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